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Eagle Slot Perforation Barrels

Plating barrels with slotted perforations are ideally suited for electro-plating small parts, such as fasteners, rivets and screws.

  • Increased exposure of parts, reducing process time
  • Greater volume of active solution within the barrel
  • Enhanced circulation of solution and parts giving a more even coating
  • Better distribution of plating over the pieces
  • Put the pieces closer to the anodes

The slot perforation is externally counter bored for faster solution transfer. As the barrel revolves, fresh solution is forced through the counter bore and pumped into the barrel.

The internal slot perforation has a “V” profile, this protects the slot from impact damage and closure, decreases wear, enables fresh electrolyte to enter the barrel faster and solution drag-out is drastically reduced.

Slot perforation barrels have 9 sides, which maximises the working volume of the barrel, vastly improving product part movement, allowing up to 30% more active plating solution within the barrel, and includes work breaker bars to mix and separate the parts.

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