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Eagle Plating Barrels

Product entrapment can lead to plating errors, resulting in thousands of scrapped components in a 100 litre barrel. Eagle barrels eliminate any plating problems which might lead to production wastage through incorrect plating. Our design and precision engineering processes ensure excellent quality plating barrels for consistent plating results.

Design: Design innovation award winners Eagle Engineering have designed plating barrels for a variety of plating processes, working closely with clients and using the latest 3D cad design technology for our designs. Our unique self-aligning system, with bottom beams at 30° incline for exact positioning. This ensures good contacts for main power supply and motor which are self-cleaning. Also minimises any rocking of the unit whilst in use. Also now designed so that the whole system (barrels and blocks) can be supplied for easy on-site installation.

Manufacture: We take pride in our craftsmanship and accuracy in barrel cylinder production, with precise clearances to ensure smooth barrel rotation and plating quality. With Eagle plating barrels, you can expect highest quality, fast and efficient plating – using less power and reducing your operating costs.

Materials: Quality is critical to us and our customers, so we only use the best materials to ensure efficient performance and longer operational life. We use Premium Grade PE1000 Polyethylene in the construction of our plating barrel units, which means they can be optimally designed and will last longer than barrels made from lower grade materials.

Why Are Eagle Electro Plating Barrels The Best Available?

Our unique plating barrels are individually designed to meet specific requirements (e.g. coins, nails and fasteners, pins, electrical contacts etc.).

Key features:

  • One piece wrap-around cylinder skin (avoiding joints and potential chemical traps)
  • Panelled construction also available where required for specific product types
  • Manufactured from premium grade PE1000, which allows for the maximum perforated open area for more efficient solution and electrolytic transfer – which means faster processing time and power cost saving
  • Perforation chamfers and corrugation patterns designed to eliminate surface tension and adhesion
  • Fully sealed high tensile 18.5mm diameter steel rod reinforcement supports. (25mm also available for heavy duty barrels)
  • Heavy duty lid frame reinforced with high tensile steel bars
  • Long lasting and robust due to the barrel design and use of PE1000 rather than inferior materials

Our barrels are used in a range of industries including automotive, aerospace and general manufacturing – ideal for heavily used plating lines.

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