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Mini Barrel Units – Electroplating Equipment

Small plating barrels units such as the electroplating barrel we produce is specifically designed for smaller plating jobs.

Mini Barrel Plating Units

Electroplating equipment, ideal for:

  • Electrical Switchgear
  • Jewellery
  • Delicate Parts
  • Small batch plating

Portable Hanging Mini Plating Barrels, Spares & Accessories

  • Barrel Material – Polypropylene
  • Perforation – 0.50mm /6.00mm
  • Motor Drive – 6/12/24 Volt DC-Motor 7.2Nm/15Nm
  • Barrel Rotation – 10 RPM
  • DC Contact – Flexible Dangler Contact with changeable Brass Contact Tip

Special designs are available and are subject to a surcharge.
Partition wall with two-part cover, sieve plugs and poly-mesh systems also available upon request.

 Specification Sheet

 Spares & Accessories

Part Number


EE-11-100-7.2 Nm

Barrel Motor – 7.2 Nm

EE-11-100-15 Nm

Barrel Motor – 15 Nm


Drive Gear 7.2Nm 10 Tooth – Tapered Lock


Drive Gear 15Nm 10 Tooth – Keyway Brass Centre


559Nm 25mm² Detachable Brass Tipped Dangler



We can design and build barrels to your specific requirements, please contact us for configuration options.

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