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Plating barrel danglers

Barrel Danglers

Replacement of Barrel Danglers, or the contact tips, should be part of any ongoing plating equipment maintenance programme. A damaged or worn dangler can impede the plating process and add to production costs.

Eagle Cathode Danglers for Plating Equipment

  • Polyurethane (PUR) plating cable
  • Highly flexible
  • Impact and twist resistant
  • Available in 16mm2 to 240mm2 (cross section)
  • PVC options also supplied
  • Dangler contact tips can be fixed or detachable
  • Contact tips supplied in mild steel, stainless steel, brass and copper
  • Detachable tips can be provided and are particularly useful for copper and nickel plating where the tips can become coated, resulting in reduced plating efficiency. The screw-in tips can be replaced without the need for a new dangler
  • Eagle danglers are durable and flexible to aid the efficiency of the plating process

Eagle Engineering stock a wide range of plating danglers and replacement dangler tips in a variety of widths and lengths.

To improve plating quality and for a safe, reliable barrel plating process production line, make us your first contact as part of your plating barrel maintenance programme.

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Our Customers Say

We have known Eagle Engineering Ltd. for a couple of years now. Due to the high performance material and the special assembling procedure of the barrels they use, we selected the Eagle barrels especially when there was a severe wear or drainage issue with the current barrels to get them replaced. Together we fine-tuned the barrels to our needs and to the given galvanic lines and conditions. Eagle Engineering Ltd. was always pro-active and Simon Nixon himself did not hesitate to fix issues at our plant whenever it was needed and gave us a great support. In the meantime we build a valuable business relationship. For all upcoming worldwide business we wish Eagle Engineering Ltd. all the best.

Head Of Plant And Equipment Technology , Leading coating company in the field of cathodic protection

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Dangler Information Form

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